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Hi all. Hope this is in the right place.
My dealer offers lifetime free oil change and basic maintenance, so I've used them for service so far on my 2014 iGT.
However, I just went in for an oil change, and they wanted to sell me their 45K service, which includes a "fuel pump and injection system cleanout" for the low, low price of $339. I declined, so they told me by doing so, I waive my free oil changes. Blast!

So I agreed to pay for the oil change, and asked them to look at the brakes, as I have started to get some shimmying when braking.

Not surprisingly, the rear rotors (and, they say, pads) are bad. I guess they don't do resurfacing anymore for whatever reason. Cheaper to replace maybe. Well, not here. They want $470 for this. Am I wrong in thinking that's really high?

Any mechanics here who can chime in on what this should cost? With/without labor? I'm thinking $150 tops for oem parts and **maybe** another $150 at the high end for labor?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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