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Hey, I wanted to let you know that theming support is now built into AIO Tweaks. I packaged 6 of my favorites into the app as well as made an easy way to download and import any of the themes off your site (or any theme designed for MZD) and integrate with the AIO install. Thanks for all your work, keep theming!

Thanks man. Just please use the download link form website so downloads can be counted.

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Holy smokes man thank you!!! Just checked my messages, i hope to have some time late tonight to be able to test, i will take pics and get back to you
you're welcome. I just have uploaded a new version, with improvements for a picture. Please redownload the zip file (same link). I also will try to test it in a few, but your feedbacks are well welcomed !


by the way, I put 5 backgrounds pics, letting you to choose the one you want :


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Theme Tutorial


I will here share to you my free themes for our MZD Connect.

List of themes
All themes are listed here too.

* Theme_StormTrooper_v4
* Theme_Medieval
* Theme_Medieval_small
* Theme_Gothic
* Theme soccer FC Granges
* Theme_Avengers
* Theme Soccer FC Real Madrid
* Theme Soccer FC Barcelona
* Theme Mountain
* FC Bayern München
* FC Bayern München Only
* X-Factor
* X-Men
* Smooth Red (by Zephnath)
* Interstellar
* Battlestar Galactica
* Battlestar Galactica Contacts
* Dolphin's Team
* POKER time

What is done ?
- new icons for the main screen and enlighted one (coins)
- background for icons on the main screen (glow)
- elliptical curve underneath the icons (ellipse)
- backgound picture

How to install a theme ?
1) download and unzip the .zip file on your computer

2) choose the background picture you want to have (if many are available).
2.1) To do so, simply go in the "background" folder.
2.2) Rename the one you want to "background.png"

3) Copy all files from the MASTER folder to the root of a blank FAT32 flash drive. Don't copy the folder itself, just the stuff inside

4) Unplug any other USB or SD from the car except this drive.

5) Turn on the car and wait for the "Theme Applied" window to appear (could be 30-60 sec)

6) MZD should reboot itself. If not, restart it yourself by holding down BACK+MUTE+NAV for a few seconds

Installing any of my themes will NOT brick your MZD, because it's simply replace the existing pictures.
Purpose is just to give you a new main screen, without any others modifications (for now).
All my themes are tested ok on v56.00.100 EU N (on my own Mazda3 2016)

How to uninstall a theme ?
You can uninstall/revert back to default by applying the Red (Default) theme here: CCustom Infotainment Colors, as provided by @mrnerdbanger.
You also can download this HERE.

My themes are based on mrnerdbanger's thread.

Is there any way you can post a tutorial showing how to build a theme from scratch? I've already gotten down how to make my own backgrounds, but I also would like to learn how to make the icons and change the color of the ui.


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Thanks! these looks awesome, going to try it out today... @Corwin9s can you tell me what the difference between smooth red 1.0 vs 1.1?
They look the same to me.
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