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Corwin9s's FREE Themes for MZD Connect


I will here share to you my free themes for our MZD Connect.

> List of themes
> Supported versions of MZD
> What is done ?
> How to install a theme ?
> How to select another background ?
> How to uninstall a theme ?
> Credits
> Say Thanks


List of themes
All themes are listed here too.

* StormTrooper_v4
* Medieval
* Medieval_small
* Gothic
* soccer FC Granges
* Avengers
* Soccer FC Real Madrid
* Soccer FC Barcelona
* Mountain
* FC Bayern München
* FC Bayern München Only
* X-Factor
* X-Men
* Smooth Red (by Zephnath)
* Interstellar
* Battlestar Galactica
* Battlestar Galactica Contacts
* Dolphin's Team
* POKER time
* Smooth Violet (by Zephnath)
* Smooth Azure (by Zephnath)
* Batman
* iOS CarPlay
* Calibrage
* Indiana Jones
* Samsung S4 Android
* The Punisher
* Pink Life
* The Walking Deads
* Go Philadelphia Eagles v1
* Go Philadelphia Eagles v2
* Dragonball Z
* Deadpool v1
* Deadpool v2 (look deeper in post)
* Snoopy & Friends
* FC Chelsea
* Steampunk #1
* Steampunk #2
* US Military
* World of Warcraft Alliance
* World of Warcraft Horde
* Iron Man
* Rick and Morty
* Minimalistic Black
* Starwars Imperial TIE Spacecrafts
* Starwars Rebels Spacecrafts
* Photography 1
* Photography 2
* HotWheels
* Wolverine
* added new backgrounds for "Starwars Imperial TIE Spacecrafts" and "Starwars Rebels Spacecrafts" themes
* Beach, Sun and Sea
* Wolverine
* Beach and Cocktails -1-
* Beach and Cocktails -2-
* Go Carolina Panthers

Supported versions of MZD
Based on feedback from users.

** OK on this versions:
56.00.100 EU N
56.00.100 4A
56.00.513 4C
59.00.441 NA N

** Not Working on this versions:
55.00.750 NA N
56.00.513 4A N

What is done ?
- new icons for the main screen and enlighted one (coins)
- background for icons on the main screen (glow)
- elliptical curve underneath the icons (ellipse)
- backgound picture

How to install a theme ?
1) download and unzip the .zip file on your computer
2) choose the background picture you want to have (if many are available).
2.1) To do so, simply go in the "background" folder.
2.2) Rename the one you want to "background.png"
3) Copy all files from the MASTER folder to the root of a blank FAT32 flash drive. Don't copy the folder itself, just the stuff inside.
4) Unplug any other USB or SD from the car except this drive.
5) Turn on the car.
6) When MZD has finished booting, plug the USB stick and wait for the "Theme Applied" window to appear (could be 30-60 sec).
7) MZD should reboot itself. If not, restart it yourself by holding down BACK+MUTE+NAV for a few seconds
8) While MZD is rebooting, unplug the USB stick.

How to select another background ?
It's very very easy !
* First at all, the .zip has to be unzipped. Then go in the "background" folder. You may seen several files.
* Simply rename the picture you want as background to exactly "background.png" and delete the others (or not).

You also can add your own background picture, but remember that:
- size has to be 800x480 pixels
- file type has to be .png
- name has to be "background.png"

How to uninstall a theme ?
You can uninstall/revert back to default by applying the Red (Default) theme here: CCustom Infotainment Colors, as provided by @mrnerdbanger.
You also can download this HERE.

Installing any of my themes will NOT brick your MZD, because it's simply replace the existing pictures.
Purpose is just to give you a new main screen, without any others modifications (for now).
All my themes are tested ok on v56.00.100 EU N (on my own Mazda3 2016)

My themes are based on mrnerdbanger's thread.

Say Thanks
You like what I do? Me too... pay be a beer (or a coffee) via PayPal !
It's absolutely not mandatory to grab'n use my themes :wink2: but as I'm quite a coffee addict :grin2:

Anyways... enjoy theming !

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Ordering Corwin9s's Themes for MZD Connect

Hello people. I'm not a great artist, but I can try to create some themes for you.

You just have to agree to post it here.

I will update the list here with status.

Asked Themes
* Avengers > released
* Soccer FC Barcelona > released
* Soccer FC Real Madrid > released
* Mountains for tarekkkkk > released
* Dolphins for ElNino77 > released
* Interstellar for Monsieur_V > released
* Batman for aljannn > released
* iOS CarPlay > released
* Pink > released
* Philadelphia Eagles > released
* DragonBall Z > released
* Deadpool for Midnightsky228 > released (2 versions)
* Snoopy > released
* FC Chelsea > released
* "Rick and Morty" for Doogle510 > released
* "Iron Man" for louisbosco > released
* Midnightsky228 : Starwars Imperial TIE Spacecrafts > released
* Midnightsky228 : Starwars Rebels Spacecrafts > released
* Doogle510 : photography 1 > released
* Doogle510 : photography 2 > released
* Doogle510 : hotwheels > released
* JediMindTricks : Wolverine > released
* Star Trek > released
* stewball5523 : Carolina Panthers > released

To ask for a theme, simply post a message saying what you want (type of icons, etc...) and I will try my best to fullfill this.

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Mountain Theme

Request by tarekkkkk .

:001_cool 1: >>> To download MZD_Theme_Mountains.zip

nb: 2 background pictures in the pack
Can we have the icons for same theme where they have the gray material around them like the attached one including the red part above the gray circles for this theme to be white instead.(i mean the red part when the icon is active like the other attached image)



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