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That video is bogus. So they concluded that CAI's are BS based on that one test with one vehicle?!?

If the factory air box on that Skyline isn't restrictive, OF COURSE THERE WON'T BE ANY GAIN when you throw on another NONE RESTRICTIVE intake system

Now if they were to turn up the boost to the point where the factory air box got restrictive AND THEN compare THAT to a SRI or CAI that is a straight pipe and without any of the crazy bends that today's factory intake systems have, THEN there will be a very obvious gain in power.

My 07 Civic Si made 168whp on the dyno (its' rated @ 197hp at the crank) with ONLY a CAI, header and exhaust the engine made 203whp on the same dyno. Obviously the factory air box was restrictive and same applies for the factory exhaust system with CAT, etc, etc or else the aftermarket parts wouldn't have made power.

This video is bogus by all accounts. I now wish I would have dyno'd my 3 before and after these mods to see if any gains were realized by replacing the factory parts. It's too late for that now but if someone in Jacksonville FL wants to hit the dyno with me using their stock Mazda 3 with 2.0L and compare numbers, it will still show if gains were made or not.

Having said that, I got these parts mostly for the sound. My Mazda 3 ain't no performance machine, and adding an intake and exhaust certainly ain't gonna make is FASTER then stock, so I didn't purchase these parts for the performance aspect alone.
I agree. My boss has a C63 AMG and just by changing the filters he gained 20 HP.
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