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I have recently made a cool hack to my Mazda 3 2010.
I have and upgraded Eonon head unit and an upgraded steering wheel. Media and info buttons on the steering wheel work out of the box but the cruise control buttons were doing nothing. This is because the car originally didn't have cruise control, so the ECU ignores the buttons.
I decided this is a waste. I didn't want cruise control but I wanted to use the buttons for other purposes. So I re-routed the wires and made a device to convert the cruise control buttons to actions in the Android head unit. Now I can do operations such as "Home", "Radio", "Bluetooth", "Restart", etc directly from the steering wheel.
You can see more details, code, demo here: Repurposing unused steering wheel buttons as generic macros for an Android head unit | Arik Yavilevich's blog
It does require some electronic DIY skills but maybe that will inspire somebody to do more with their vehicle.

Feedback and questions are welcome.
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