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Hi all. I’m sure a similar question has been asked and I’ve done so much research that I’m starting to get completely confused with all the different answers, so I thought I would directly ask for help on my situation.
I have a 2015 (UK) Mazda 3 Sport. I want to add apple CarPlay and am happy I can do the hard wiring. Where I’m lost is on the firmware. I currently have OS 33.00.500, fail safe 33.00.500.
What firmware do I need to update to and in what order? Some say I need to go to 59 then as high as I can go, others seem to say that at 33, I can go straight to the newest. I’m struggling to find any firmware files, but can get 74.00.311 EU.
please help as I’m going mad….! What versions do I need and what order do I need to install them?
thanks in advance
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