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Confirming 2017 Lug Nut Size

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Same as 2014-2016 Mazda 3 lug nuts, e.g. M12.5X1.5 please?

Before I order these, want to confirm that is the correct size. Thank you.
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Getting black Gorilla "locking" lug nuts which I have on two other cars (all twenty nuts on each). Thanks @arathol!
@arathol, following your suggestion, I researched McGard, and the black ones I found (# 84538) are 1.45" in length, compared to Mazda's standard 1" ones. I am using Mazda's 18" dark alloy wheels.

Please, did you find another McGard option that has shorter than 1.45" lug nuts, or are your's that length? If the latter, might you have a picture of them on your 17" wheels please?

Thank you.
Thank you very much. Really nice wheels you have!
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