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Hi everyone. I'm so so so sorry if these questions have been asked before, so please forgive the repetition.

I have a 2014 1st Generation CX-5 2.2 diesel UK version.

My previous cars have has speed dependent locking/anti hijack= the central lock engages when i start driving ovwr 10 MPH. How can activate this feature on the CX-5

How can i also activate the Coming and leaving home lights and this is also disabled from the factory.

I've used Tech2 device with GM software which can be used to diagnose and activate features in my previous cars.

I have heard of Forscan. Will this be able to do the same and how do i go about it without bricking the car.

Lastly, i have a habit of forgetting to close the windows and have been so lucky to be just have had sprinkle of rain into the car rather than a downpour.

I would be grateful if anyone can guide me into which folding mirror and window closer all-in-one module i can buy from Aliexpress which will fit a RHD car....

Thanks in advance.
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