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Hey guys so I’m new here I have a 2016 3 hatchback
I bought some bc racing coilovers for these without reading the reviews (cause why would I right?)
Coilovers are all installed and everything is going great, I set all my coilovers right in the middle dampening wise and get my alignment
Then I’m going to work the next day (first day im actually driving with them on) and I hear a nice scraping sound coming from my rear passenger side
Upon further inspection I realize NOTHING is rubbing,so I go to twist the dampening knob and… nothing. It just spins in place. Doesn’t click, just… nothing. Anyway so i TRIED to contact bc and the company I bought them through and BC as I’m sure some of you know is absolutely TERRIBLE at getting back to there customers in any fashion. So now I’m stuck trying to fix the thing so I can drive my car. Any ideas? Or am I just completely screwed here? I’m really hoping I can get a simple fix im overlooking. I have videos of the sound and what the spinning looks like.
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