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code scanner for ABS bleed

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Looking for some recommendations, hopefully someone here has a code scanner for this and can confirm working?

I'm looking for an inexpensive code scanner that will allow me to bleed the abs module. I like to be prepared I guess. I fully understand that this isn't going to cost $30...but I can't justify spending over $1000 for this capability.

I've read about the autel maxicheck pro devices and I can easily get them off Amazon, but their website isn't so great. It's pretty clear that this function is not compatible with all models of cars but is pretty vague on what it can do.

Any other thoughts are welcome. I just wish someone would make an app for this purpose so I can keep using my Bluetooth adapter but can't win em all I guess.
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I am interested, as well, for my 2017 Mazda6. Thank you for starting this thread.
Hey guys, bad news. I got the maxicheck pro and it is not able to autobleed my 2010 Mazda 3.
I have ms906bt no bleeding function for my mazda cx5
I have ms906bt no bleeding function for my mazda cx5
Buyers beware! Scanners and Sellers are NOT all created equal! It can be an expensive exercise if you don't do your homework.
Going to start looking into forscan. The phone app is pretty broken so I'll have to drag my laptop out. We shall see!
This one is pricey
oh wait i have the OBDlink and it says you can use it to bleed abs

oh wait i have the OBDlink and it says you can use it to bleed abs

That's the same adapter that the FORscan guys recommend. I'll probably get one if my ghetto elm adapter doesn't work.
Well the laptop linked up with my shitty adapter just fine....but doesn't allow all the features. They talk about this on their website with cheap adapters, no surprises here!

The good news is that the software seems very happy to talk to our Mazdas. That means it'll probably do what I want it to with the correct adapter. I'll have to get around to ordering one soon. I'll report back when I get one, see what functionality we get.
Forscan and a Tactrix open port will work.. you can get Forscan 2 months for free.. and then keep requesting the trial every 2 months or pay a small amount for the full thing.
I'll probably end up paying them but it looks like most of the functionality I'll need is covered by the free version. If not, I'll give the trial a go.

Adapter is on the way, supposed to arrive Monday! Also ordered another one for the wife's car... similar idea, compatible with Toyota techstream.

Got thinking....if either car has a failure where I need to drain the brakes(such as ABS module or master cylinder) I'll be at the mercy of the stealership. I don't much like that concept. This seems like cheap insurance at less than $90 each with shipping.

Maybe I'm a little strange (well yes but for other reasons) but I have always taken pride in being as self sufficient as possible. I'd rather not let that go.

Anyway, I'll report back when I give it a whirl!
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Sounds like justification for buying a tool that you want rather than immediately need. :p
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Sounds like justification for buying a tool that you want rather than immediately need. :p
Yeah I'm ok with that. And future me will thank past me when something goes wrong and I don't need the dealer :)
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ok so i got my OBDlink EX cable last night. tried it out this morning and....nope. will not access the ABS bleed function. i can get access to some test routines and some really excellent data logging capability but no bleed function....quite disappointing.

seems that i need some different software. the cable came with a card that suggests using something called obdwiz...very much a paid for app, $85US for the mazda add on and their website does not specify this functionality.

i'll send a few emails, see what happens. otherwise i'll be sending this back.
so i might have figured out why i'm having so much trouble with this....PROVE ME WRONG!! really, i'd want to know!

first item, took a long look on the internet and found one topic of interest: No More ABS Service Bleed Function in FORScan? - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (ford-trucks.com)

ok doesn't mean much for our cars but it does tell us that there are some vehicles out there that potentially do not require this function. next, i took a long look through our service manual....and no mention of bleeding the ABS unit (or the DSC HU/CM as they call it). nowhere.....there's even a section which describes how to bleed the brakes and ...... NOTHING!

could it be that we do not require the ABS unit to be bled out?
so bleed brakes /old fashioned way .
Top up with new fresh good track rated stuff Ate type 200 ( wont break thebank)
Drive and use brakes ,,, recheck fluid level
Yeah that's what I'm thinking....going to check the manual again to be sure but I was pretty thorough yesterday.
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