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Clutch kits? looking for input

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Looking for some recommendations, i have a 2011 2.5 mazda 3 6 speed, need to replace my clutch and looking for something good thats not gonna break me, not looking for racing, but better than oem, Clutch kits or even individual setups, just looking for your thoughts, Thanks in advance.
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Exedy from rockauto.com, cant go wrong with their clutch stuff, I have had it in 2 mazdas a 03 protégé 5 and an 08 3 2.3 and the feel exedy kits gives is amazing. they are great for stock replacement or if going light upgrades like stage 1 or 2 otherwise look for a higher performance one exedy does make higher performance kits, just never used one. the protégé 5 had the stage one upgrade from exedy on rock auto and it was smooth as butter, even though the car had over 130k miles when replaced. the kit stated it would feel similar to a speed protégé stage 1 and I believe it did, as it was lighter than stock for sure but had a very well defined catch point that made shifting a breeze when doing stupid stuff or traffic surfing

ahh clutch kits, damned automatic 2011. oh well it has manual mode (NOT, I REPEAT NOT THE SAME) just could not find a manual In either good shape, at my price or year range (loans would only go back to 09 or so) or that had low enough miles on it. many where the basic traffic beaters that had those ugly plastic hub cap covered steelies and no features in them at all, and on top of that usually almost to 100k or more miles already. (loan again stated a maximum mileage depending on year) but I ended up with a dealer financing one anyways (dealer actually had the best rate!) but im still happy with it, its more of a casual cruiser that can carve up a backroad when needed then a jittery traffic hopper, with the auto. at least that's how these cars feel to me, they all handle great but the manual makes you want to go faster then you should most of the time, the auto is more laid back
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