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How many people have had clutch issues

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6 speed manual, 2017 Mileage 34,975~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clutch Going~~~~
A week ago while driving I went to change gears on a county road, probably doing about 50MPH and could not get the car in gear, it was accompanied by an odd noise. Sunday again I had an issues switching gears while driving. 5 mins later I smelt a burning smell. I took my car to the mechanic, today 2/20 he told me he smelt it as well, and told me to get to Mazda. The dealership wanted to be less than helpful, "ok you can leave your car. No I need a loaner".
Then the service guy played dumb "what do you think it could be", said what do you think it could be, really. I then found out the clutch is only covered till 12k. Irvin Mazda, Freehold NJ. They would take a look for free, but it might just be that the clutch is going. This is my third manual transmission, in the last 15 years. I've never worn out a clutch in my life. My last Mazda purchased new in 2010, and traded it in 2018... Original clutch. Turns out Mazda is well aware of this clutch system problem, and is not taking care of it. From what I'm reading it looks like it's tied to the transmission. I'm so disappointed. I've loved my Mazda, and recommend then to everyone and, now this. I know they may just try to blame this on me, that's not happening. I want Mazda to stand up and make this right. I realize now the jumping, I've experienced in my car on occasion from day one. The lunging forward while getting into first gear are all signs of something has been wrong. There was a class action lawsuit in California about this, and you can find thousands of complaints online.

Any input for when Mazda calls me tomorrow, to what I can say? I've read about defective Release Levers.. What have other people experienced? I'm so mad.
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