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How many people have had clutch issues

Clutch Issue?

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I'm kind of starting to get worried...I love my Mazda 3s, but I've been reading on a lot of car complaints websites that more and more people are having their clutches "disintegrate" or just go out on them with low miles. Has anyone else had these problems?? Er, how many people have had this issue?? When they describe it, most of them drive all highway miles(like me) and their clutch goes out between like 13k-25k and I'm like right there...Has anyone else noticed that these complaints are starting to mount up???:001_unsure:
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I haven't had a problem with my clutch at 2.5k miles so far.
@Funkydslr, are for sure it is the clutch engaged even when pushed all the way down or just gravity? haha
I'm in two minds about it actually man, I've had my car in my garage which is perfectly level with the clutch all the way disengaged and it still wanted to creep. Then there have been other times at traffic light where i wont move at all, at this point....there's SO many vibrations and hiccups that i just put everything scary sounding or feeling down to; because racecar :Racing 1:
maybe the dealership is a place to visit soon? it's not right for the car to want to creep like that when the clutch is all the way down.
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