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How many people have had clutch issues

Clutch Issue?

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I'm kind of starting to get worried...I love my Mazda 3s, but I've been reading on a lot of car complaints websites that more and more people are having their clutches "disintegrate" or just go out on them with low miles. Has anyone else had these problems?? Er, how many people have had this issue?? When they describe it, most of them drive all highway miles(like me) and their clutch goes out between like 13k-25k and I'm like right there...Has anyone else noticed that these complaints are starting to mount up???:001_unsure:
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Had to replace the clutch on my 2010 3S @ 45,000 miles....dealer would not warranty of course but I have 42 years experience driving manual transmissions of all types from 3-on-the-tree to VW Beetle transaxle to Hurst & Muncie 4 speeds to 10-speed medium-duty trucks.....thousands of miles without a clutch failure of any kind...
but I paid the money and didn't pursue it further due to lack of time to devote to phone calls/letters/meetings...
BUT I really do feel that the first OEM clutches in the 2010 Mazda 3 S with the 2.5L motor were NOT up to spririted driving as depicted in Mazda's advertisements...the replacement clutch is holding its own....so far...I'm done.
Heard from the shop tonight. He is saving the clutch for me. He said when he pulled it out one side was burned and the other just disintigrated into tiny pieces. He was expecting to need to machine the flywheel, like you would with most clutch failures, but he said there was no need. The flywheel looked perfect.

His comment was he was saving the clutch and documenting what he found because it was an obvious part failure and he expected a class action lawsuit against Mazda, it looked that bad.

SPEC stage 2 clutch going in tomorrow.

I hope his prediction comes true...I had a feeling all along I wouldn't be the only experienced manual driver to have a total failure....
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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