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How many people have had clutch issues

Clutch Issue?

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I'm kind of starting to get worried...I love my Mazda 3s, but I've been reading on a lot of car complaints websites that more and more people are having their clutches "disintegrate" or just go out on them with low miles. Has anyone else had these problems?? Er, how many people have had this issue?? When they describe it, most of them drive all highway miles(like me) and their clutch goes out between like 13k-25k and I'm like right there...Has anyone else noticed that these complaints are starting to mount up???:001_unsure:
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Hey, I'm back. I have successfully put 26k miles on my 3rd oem clutch. The first two lasted 8k miles a piece. On the way home from church last sunday, my clutch started to vibrate once again :argh 1:... It is vibrating quite badly at the moment, so I have to purchase a new clutch ASAP! Only problem is that idk which one to go with. I have been thinking about the SPEC stage 2 plus the concentric hydraulic release bearing/slave cylinder to go with it. Is this a good Idea?

Also, I think that my most recent service visit (last wednesday) has had something to do with my clutch going bad once again. The technician was just about redlining the engine to pull it up a "small" incline to enter the service bay, then same technique when taking her for a test drive :argh 1:! I have had no issues with it for almost 2 years, and most recent costed me $16xx.xx!!

I am also taking my car to a local guy who has been a mechanic for almost 30 years, so I think he will be able to fix my car better than the stealer$hit ever did.

Any suggestions on the clutch?

What do you mean by vibrate? Cause mine did this weird vibrating thing yesterday, which I have never heard before...
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