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I have a tendency to do dumb things, like take my 2010 3s hatch on a backpacking trip - loaded down with 4 full-sized adults and their backpacking gear - over awful, unpaved, and pitted USFS roads in the middle of nowhere :blushing:

I ended up (mostly) pulling off the driver sill extension (or side skirt, whatever you want to call it). It was still attached with one of the two front clips (which are black and found in the front wheel well), and 2 of the back clips were still intact, so I popped it back on, prayed, and made it 4 hours back home without it falling off (and that was going 80mph most of the way, once I was back on the interstate).

Anyway, I think I've found the nylon clips that run the length of the skirt (BP4L-51-SJ3) and it's only $4 for a pack of 10: Aliexpress.com : Buy Nylon side skirt moulding clips with sealer BP4L 51 SJ3 for Mazda 3 5 6 CX 7 CX 9 RX 8 CA01963 from Reliable clip magazine suppliers on Eastar4 auto parts | Alibaba Group

I'd love verification of this from anyone who might know, but more importantly, I'm trying to find the black push-pin peg/clip that holds it on in the front (in the wheel well). Any help would be appreciated!
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