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What do y'all use to clean and protect your powder coated wheels?

I just got my wheels powder coated Satin and researching on how to clean and protect them to keep the sheen finish from fading away over time.

When it comes to cleaning, its been shown that MILD SOAP & WARM WATER is SAFEST OPTION. But what about other products? Have any of y'all used these or other products before?

- Meguiar's Hot Rim Cleaner

- Chemical Guys CLD10516 - Sticky Citrus Gel Wheel & Rim Cleaner

- Griots Wheel Cleaner


- Chemical Guys SPI_995_16 - Meticulous Matte Detailer & Spray Sealant

-Chemical Guys WAC_303 - Wheel Guard Max Coat Rim & Wheel Sealant



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If they were powder coated correctly they will be easy to clean and will give a year of trouble free care.
Simple is easy when powder coated.

I do powder coating for many parts for myself as well customers including wheels.
See response below http:

Tires are often over looked when it comes to care and maintenance. Because I TRACK often during the summer months one of the most important things besides "brakes" (lol) is the tires. Even with my BBK sold through my marketer I always recommend that tires be check on a regular routine basis. So what may by over kill for care is to me something a OVER THE TOP car enthusiast does ,at least with there show cars so why not the daily drivers as well?
About every 3 rd car wash or at EVERY TIRE ROTATION SCHEDULE this is my routine on ALL my vehicles. :yikes:

The first thing is to remove all the tires marking their current location for proper rotation re-install.

The next thing is to meticulously using a pick remove everything in all the tread. Rock chips, glass,weird gooey substances, etc. You would be surprised but I measure all the crap in the tread and it was 1/4 once. Now if you know anything about the best balance that would be something normally accounted for and adjusted. So if you think about it when you get your wheel/tires balanced if the tread is not cleaned first they are balancing your combo with something that will eventually by rotational force by exited from your tread thus changeling the balance of your tire and wheel. I use to have my shop guys always try to pick out the customers boulders in their tires before they did a balance. Naturally I could not have them spend as much time as I personally do on my own.

The next is to spray a cleaner that will breakdown almost every thing including road rime,brake dust oxidation and the accumulation of tire dressing. The cleaner I use is water activated so when first applied it will soak into the part and when water is applied will lift the dirt off for water and soap cleaning. I will let it soak long enough for me to do a quick wipe of the front and back of the wheel. Then I will use a semi coarse plastic brush to scuba a little and then the softer brush to get into small areas of the tire and the wheel. Finally rinsing and then washes with soapy water the complete tire wheel one more time.

I set the clean wheel in the sun but only the back expose for air drying. I seldom use any tire dressing as I prefer the new tire look vs a dressed look.

The next is to inspect all the suspension and a quick wipe down of those area's next to impossible to get when washing the car with the wheel on.

While I do not change any balance weight I will toss each tire/wheel combo on my handy bubble balance just to see that little bubble in the center. If any tire/wheel is not centered I will toss it in the truck and run up to Firestone and have them balance it for me. Having a commercial account has its benefits because they will perform the balance without me having to wait. :smile2:

Because these are hubcentric wheels I will install the wheel and snug the lug nut by hand to reduce the stress of the wheel centering itself. I prefer to use my Snap-On Torque wrench that I have checked for accuracy every 2 years to do the bolt torquing. I also go in several small steps until I get to the specified setting.

I will then measure a random front and rear tire for wear and then apply a 2 inch chalk line on all the tires. The chalk will provide me with an idea about a few things in a few miles which would be my chosen tire pressure as well the wear pattern of the tire based on its current alignment and suspension wear or modification.

Lastly because at this point all the tires are cool and and even regarding the tire pressure it can be checked and adjusted for the tires new rotation location. I normally on a FWD like this adjust the front slightly more pressure then the rear for normal driving unload with 2 passengers.

I have NOT as 4 corner weighing or even obtain a wet weighing of my MAZDA3 "yet" but will at some point in the future so I know what ,when, where my choice of suspension upgrades.

That's it.....Obsessive behavoir in its finest hour...or actual 2 hours to do the procedure.

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What do y'all use to clean and protect your powder coated wheels?

I just got my wheels powder coated Satin and researching on how to clean and protect them to keep the sheen finish from fading away over time.
Kinda glad I saw this before I get mine coated. Are those satin black or more like a satin charcoal? Because I was hoping the satin black would match the black center caps but looking at yours the color is way off.
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