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Did you get a good deal on the all-new Blazer? Poor sales have lead to $6000-6,500 back in some cases.

For a sporty mid-size SUV, the Blazer has enough going for it. Performance is where it should be and features enough to keep complaints at bay. Pricing is a different story.

Paying up to $50,000 out the door for the Blazer RS can be steep whether leasing or buying. On the lower end, Blazer L and LS start within the $30k range. Slash off 20% and you can get a similarly configured Equinox. Yes, shopping for a Blazer comes at a premium. If you're willing to accept that fact among the lower trims, the question to lease or buy comes up.

Coming across an actual deal can take work as some Blazer owner and those still shopping have proven. Though, incentives up to $6,500 (RS) in cash have been seen in some cases (at the dealer level). In other situations, the opposite is found - no lease incentives. Poor sales could help see more of the former. Chevy is offering a $2,000 cash allowance that applies to every Blazer trim. Beyond that better deals are likely offered at the dealer level as pressure to move Blazers heat up.

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There is only one answer here, don't be silly, don't buy a Chevy, buy a Ford, wait for the Bronco which might have a 2.0L Twin Turbo Diesel in a few years too 馃榿

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Leasing can be a great option for some. I drive too many miles for it to work for me. Beyond that, I would be stressed out that any scratch would bankrupt me. I realize it would not cost that much but I would be stressed out for the life of the lease.

For others, leases can be a great option, especially when the manufacturer is motivated.
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