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Mr White,

Iam kindly ask for your help on programing Lock Doors when Ingnition On, Lock doors whem doors open, Lighting Coming Home Light-ON and Lighting Coming Home Light-OFF.

I connected the Forscan into my 2014 Mazda 6 2.2D Skyactive MT and I have this data from R-BCM (AS BUILT Format):

7B7-01-01 9D52 0006 E196
7B7-01-02 8707 D300 082A
7B7-01-03 0018 9000 6A
7B7-02-01 0038 1098 50F1

Can you please send to me the data changed for the setting that I want the install on my car?
It will be a great help!

Thanks in advance,

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