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I am trying to enable HBC in a 2017 Mazda 6, with FSC gen.2.

I've updated the FSC data with one from a car that has HBC (and LDWS, LKA, etc), but I haven't managed to enable this option in IC. Attached are the data for the FSC.

In IC, I try to go from:
Basically updating b1 of B3 in 720-04(3)-14. But Forscan fails to write it, throwing an incorrect configuration error.

I am using v6.18(WIP) of the spreadsheet and Forscan 2.3.25beta.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

The original FSC data:
;Block 1
;Block 2
;Block 1
;Block 2

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You forgot to change 7B7-02-01. Bellow is my car default config to 1010,yours probably is set all 0's NA.

View attachment 273148
He did not have to change that. That value is based on the setting in MZD.
Well, actually @craz is correct.
In most cars, which don't have Auto Door Lock from factory, value in 7B7-02-01 is set to 0000, which means that it's hidden from CMU, so after activating Door Lock, people don't see it in the menu.
And there are two ways of fixing it: either by doing the reset, which probably checks for such inconsistencies, when function is activated, but hidden from menu, and sets its default value to some other rather than NA, OR by changing the 7B7-02-01 value by yourself to whatever you want.

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That G letters are seem to be new FORscan feature, also H in other modules, you have explanation here:

best regards
God damn it, lol.

Few people wrote me asking why Excel is not working for them, and after they sent me their abt files - I figured FORScan team has changed something, but did bother to look in the forums.
Today, another person contacted me, so I decided to finally take a deeper look at it, however I did not find this info in the forums. Thanks for linking it up.

I changed logic in latest version of Excel 6.19, to ignore this change, so Block and Line numbers are hardcoded, rather than taken from pasted abt data. Previously Block numbers were taken from abt data because earlier there were versions of FORScan that had block 04 as 03, so I had to support it, but now it seems to be long gone, so there's no need in this workaround anymore.
Line number was always hardcoded, on the other hand.

They said that
these formats are backward compatible, so FORScan v2.3.23 is able to read old *ABT files properly. Versions prior to v2.3.23 will not be able to read new *.ABT files.
, so I hope that this will work just fine.
Now people can feed the Excel file with any type of FORScan abt data, and it will produce older format as the output, which should be just fine.

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Hey, great file you made there.

I decided to improve it a little bit, I guess. Not sure if everyone will consider it an improvement, but maybe it will be useful for someone.
So the changes that I made:
  • Added possibility to easily change each bit of each block. So you have an original data from your car, and you see what bit needs to be changed to what value to change some functionality.
  • Changed calculation to be based on BIN data, rather than HEX. Meaning that whenever user changes any bit, the BIN value in NEW line changes automatically and based on it, HEX and DEC values are calculated.
  • Added templates for all possible bits in RBCM (not quite sure it is correct, especially for 7B7-01-03, as I see that one byte is missing there. I'm still noob in these question. Just learning).
  • Made some additional color coding. Grey fields are to be edited by user. User needs to enter his original HEX values, and make changes to particular bits.
  • Added Data Validation to those bits fields. If user enters anything besides 0 or 1 he will see an error.
  • Added function to trim first character for Checksum.
I plan to do similar stuff for IC, SSU, if anyone thinks it will be useful.
Please tell me what you think about this update to the file.

UPD: added screenshot to show the difference between original file (on the left) and my modification (on the right)

UPD2: Ok, so I've tried to add support of IC to the file. It is in a separate tab in the file.
How it works:
Because 720-04-01 has special checksum, I had to add some more data, comparing to RBCM tab.
To simplify this for user, so that he won't need to enter all 28 lines of 720-04 block, it is possible to copy-paste it from backup of IC data from FORScan.
So, in FORScan user opens IC module (AS BUILT), clicks SAVE ALL, picks a location. Opens this location, and opens newly created backup file (.abt) in Notepad, for example. There are all blocks of IC module. User needs to copy Block4 data into excel. Then user can change whatever he wants in existing bits available in the file, and it will automatically calculate the checksum in B0B1 bytes of 720-04-01 block, if user made any changes to 720-04-xx bits, for example if he activated Cruise Control.

UPD3: Added "Find My Car" option to RBCM 7B7-01-02 B0 b6. Replaced user values with zeroes.

UPD4 (12/27/2016): Changes in v6.0:
  • Fixed 7B7-01-03 RBCM Checksum calculation
  • Added conditional formatting to highlight changed bits
  • Renamed the file
UPD5 (03/29/2017): Changes in v6.1:
  • Added 7B7-02-01 RBCM block for future use
  • Cosmetic changes in Block4 Checksum of IC module to show 00 in B0 and B1 of 720-04-01 when user has not pasted his IC data yet.
  • Moved the file to OneDrive folder, where I will be updating it from now on.
UPD6 (04/03/2017): Changes in v6.2:
- Added support of FORScan v2.3.5+ in IC module (Block number does not really matter. In FORScan versions prior to 2.3.5 last block is 4, in versions after 2.3.4 - it has number 3. Just paste the last block from *.abt file [IC module backup] into Excel file [B4 cell]).

UPD8 (09/04/2017): Changes in v6.4:
  • Added all missing lines in Block 3(4) of IC module.
  • Added SSU sheet.
  • Added newly found functions to RBCM, SSU, IC (blue fill). I have not tested any of them, so I don't guarantee that they exactly what is written in the file. Please test and give feedback
  • Thanks to vic_bam85 for trying to do the same in this file.
UPD9 (10/02/2017): Changes in v6.5:
Thanks to @mikele, made few changes in IC module:
  • Added VIN coded in 720-03-03 - 720-03-07. Also removed the ability to calculate new values for these fields. So these are basically read-only in the file now.
  • Added Data and Config start bytes, as well as Block numbers. Those are static values that should not be changed, so I removed possibility to calculate their new values.
UPD10 (12/14/2017): Changes in v6.6:
  • Added FSC sheet;
  • Added edited last block of IC module as a list to be able to copy-paste it to *.abt file to load into FORScan to write it altogether, without the need to re-type each of the changed values (green field, which starts in cell A36). Dunno why I haven't done it earlier;
  • For previous thing to work, I also added missing 720-04-28 line;
  • Added i-DM function to IC module [720-04-27] (confirmed to work). Thanks to @acastrolee.
  • Added SCBS-R, DAA [720-04-16] (not yet confirmed by enough people). Thanks to @rmaqui.
  • Added LAS, LDWS [720-04-19] (confirmed to work by @cutidudz). Thanks to @lewis-liu.
UPD11 (12/17/2017): Changes in v6.7:
- Added IC sheet for Mazda 2 & CX-3 (53 lines in last block of IC module, instead of 28 in most other cars). No functions have been tested. I verified only calculation of checksum in 720-04-01.

UPD12 (12/19/2017): Changes in v6.7 (update):
- Added i-ACTIVSENSE sheet with descriptions of various systems in cars and sensors/radars needed for their operation + links to description of those systems on Mazda websites + video description of those systems.

UPD13 (01/06/2018 ): Changes in 6.8:
  • Added BCMM sheet for Mazda 2/CX-3. Thanks to @bobstar_fr and @Maverick_CX3
  • Fixed few minor typos
  • Confirmed few options in my car:
"Vehicle Telemetry Transfer" sub-menu in "Applications" menu
"Unlock Mode" sub-menu in "Settings" - "Vehicle" - "Door Lock" menu
"Walk Away Lock" option in "Settings" - "Vehicle" - "Door Lock" menu
"Keyless Lock Beep Volume" sub-menu in "Settings" - "Vehicle" - "Door Lock" menu
Rear seatbelt indicator and beep after unfastening
Driver seatbelt beeper (at 20+ kmph when unfastened)
Passenger seatbelt beeper (at 20+ kmph when unfastened)
"Lane Departure Warning System" submenu in "Settings" - "Safety" menu
"Lane-keep Assist System" submenu in "Settings" - "Safety" menu
"Ending Screen" setting in "i-DM" application
- Renamed these options to be more informative as to what they activate and where to find these options

UPD14: (02/07/2018 ): Changes in 6.9:
  • Added CCC Converter sheet for those who need to easily convert CCC Data from https://web.b2b.mazda.co.jp/AsBuilt/ to FORScan-like view to use in the file.
  • Added "Low Level Windshield Washer Fluid indicator" value to IC
  • Few minor UI changes
  • Added 02-01 lines to IC, SSU, RBCM modules.
UPD15: (02/13/2018 ): Changes in 6.10:
  • Added few new values in SSU and BCMM. Thanks to @bobstar_fr
  • Added Speed Correction calculation to IC sheet. Thanks to @lewis-liu
UPD16: (03/06/2018 ): Changes in 6.11:
- Added "Snowflake icon and sound alarm when outside temperature is <5°C: 1 - Enabled / 0 - Disabled" in 720-01-01 B2 b0

UPD17: (03/18/2018 ): Changes in 6.12:
  • Added RCM and FBCM sheets for testing purposes;
  • Added some information to RBCM's 7B7-02-01 line;
UPD18: (03/22/2018 ): Changes in 6.13:
  • Updated RBCM sheet with more findings, mostly in 7B7-01-03;
  • Added Parking Sensors bits to IC. Thanks to @Vadmmc;
  • Some minor UI (description) changes;
  • Added Donate tab [Russia, Ukraine + PayPal] in case anyone wants to support the project.
UPD19: (04/08/2018 ): Changes in 6.14:
  • Added Rear Fog Lamp value in RBCM B0 b2. Thanks to @Fabiomaster;
  • Updated description of Region Code in IC.
UPD20: (03/24/2019): Changes in 6.16:
  • Copied stuff from v6.15 by @reeeeeeee Description
  • Added A/C Eco mode to IC
  • Fixed a typo on CCC Converter sheet. Thanks to @IanH
  • SCBS related RBCM change added. Thanks to NewFate
UPD21: (04/10/2019): Changes in 6.17:
  • Added LED rear turn signal lights to FBCM (726-01-01-B1 & 726-01-02-B3). Thanks to @mazdaKlan from Twitter. Not tested.
  • Added HBC and LDWS to FSC tab;
  • Changed description of Parking Sensors in 720-04-16 B2;
  • Added possibly HBC related value to 720-04-19-B0;
  • Changed the RVM/BSM description in 720-04-21-B1.
UPD22: (07/23/2019): Changes in 6.18:
  • With help of @Nikodim, we split FSC tab to two separate tabs for Gen 1 and Gen 2 accordingly.
  • Also changed some info on IC related to FSC Gen1/2
  • Added DRL to FBCM tab. Thanks to @reeeeeeee
  • Added separate column on i-ActivSense tab for FSC Gen 2, and fixed some info on this sheet
  • Added links to few of my Tutorial videos for activation of i-DM, Cruise Control and Auto Door Lock. Can be useful to understand how to work with the file.
  • Most of these changes were done a while ago, but I moved old file to archive folder just now.
Thanks for the information on how to calculate this checksum goes to korogodsky.
Huge thanks for everything else goes to Withe and everyone involved.

Please leave some comments about usability of this file.

Well, considering that I can't edit my old posts anymore, I can't continue writing the changelog in it.
Not big loss, but still...

UPD23: (10/09/2019): Changes in 6.19:
  • Changed 720-04(03)-xx to 720-04-xx, because it's redundant right not. All latest FORScan version have this block as 04, and not 03.
  • Because of this, I removed custom support of different Block numbers in IC, and hardcoded 04 as Source value of Block number. This also fixes the issue with FORScan versions 2.3.23+, which have changed logic of Block and Line numbering. Read more about it here.
  • Added findings by @enlil to FSC gen 2 tab. Block 02.
  • Some minor changes probably along the way.

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Well, actually @craz is correct.

In most cars, which don't have Auto Door Lock from factory, value in 7B7-02-01 is set to 0000, which means that it's hidden from CMU, so after activating Door Lock, people don't see it in the menu.

And there are two ways of fixing it: either by doing the reset, which probably checks for such inconsistencies, when function is activated, but hidden from menu, and sets its default value to some other rather than NA, OR by changing the 7B7-02-01 value by yourself to whatever you want.
Thank you!! it's worked. I thought I was doing something wrong because nothing appears on my system options... (y)
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