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Does anyone know whether it is possible to perform rewind and fast forward function using the commander control knob when CarPlay displays the "Playing Now" screen ??

I tried various music apps, including Amazon Music, Google Play Music and CarPlay/iOS own music app, and none of them allows me to control the on-screen progress bar using the control knob. In fact, the progress bar is not even controllable on the touch screen when the car is stationary.

The only way to perform rewind and fast forward is to use the buttons on the steering wheel. :frown2:

One thing I liked about Mazda Connect’s built in music player interface is that I can select the progress bar and use the commander control knob to perform rewind or fast forward by turning the knob (applicable to USB music source such as USB memory stick or iPhone connected to USB but not Bluetooth).

Using the knob to perform rewind/forward is instant, fast and precise. The length of music to rewind or forward depends on the number of clicks I turned the knob.

On the other hand, using the steering wheel rewind and forward buttons, I would need to press and hold the button for at least a second until I hear a beep. And I would need to hold the button longer if I would like to rewind or fast forward more music but I don’t have precise control of how music is rewound or fast forwarded. Using those buttons to do rewind and fast forward feels slow and imprecise.

If anyone has any tips or better way to do rewind and fast forward in CarPlay, please let us know.
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