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Can you identify thiese lowering springs from RM?

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Comparing '10-'13 RM lowering springs to '14 stock springs

RM sent me a set of 1.25" drop springs for the 2010-2013 Mazda 3 to test fit on a 2014 iGT. In previous posts as well as confirmation from RM, I was told the fit is the same however the drop rate would be less than the 2010-2013 models due to the lighter weight of our cars.

The springs I received were simply labeled 'Mazda 3 - 1.25" drop' with no year identification. I did some test fitting and even thought I had the fronts and rears reversed and or upside down, but I don't see how these springs could possibly work on the '14. What confuses me is that RM claimed a handful of 2014 owners have installed these springs. Has anyone here tried other than me?

I emailed RM to share their opinion but probably won't hear back from them until after the weekend.
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Front side-by-side:
Bottom coil diameter is far greater than OEM. It does not fit into the bottom seat rubber.
Top coil fits fine.

Rear side-by-side:
Top coil is too large for upper seat rubber.
Bottom coil is too small for lower seat rubber.
RM spring is too short even to compress when the car was lowered off the stands; the spring just fell out on to the floor.

Spring falling out after lowering car off stands


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Well, just doing some more Googling, it looks like the springs I received are the 2010-2013 fit which, after a few hours of tinkering, are not a drop-in fit for the 2014 despite what a company says.

Road Magnet has been very gracious to me so this is not slamming them in the least bit and they are well respected around here. I would just really like to know what coils they sold to 2014 owners and then claim that they fit? I will find out more likely at the beginning of the week and will post an update from RM.
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