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Just realized I put this post in the wrong section :) Posting again now in the correct place

Hello everyone

I got my 2012 MazdaSpeed 3 aligned, and the results show camber values of -1.25 / -1.76 (front) and -2.14 / -2.46 (rear). While those values surprisingly (at least for me) are still inside the manufacturer's specified range, the old tires really showed and unusual wear

So, I was recommended to install some front & rear camber kits, but the guys at the alignment center were unable to find the parts...

Can anybody recommend a good brand and where to get them? "Good" meaning good quality at a fair price. I don't something cheap that will bring me issues in the future, but I'm not looking for "professional" or very fancy stuff. I put some new good summer tires (Michelin PSS) and I'd prefer them to survive as long as possible :)

Thanks !!

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Just FYI, camber doesn't wear tires any where near as much as incorrect toe does. Factory specs mean nothing except that the tires are all vaguely pointed in the same direction. Get the car aligned correctly.
Is the car on stock springs or is it lowered?
If the rear camber is that far off the toe is off also. As there are no separate adjustments for either, the settings are a compromise of the single adjustment that covers both.
If you absolutely have to have separate camber and toe adjustments, the parts are easily available on line. Ebay has pages full of them. Good quality adjustable rear camber kits will cost you around $100 or so, same for rear toe kits.
Front camber, not so easy. Its not cheap or easy to make camber adjustments on McPherson struts. Replacing one or both of the lower strut mount bolts with offset camber bolts can get you little adjustment. Camber plates are expensive and only get 2 or 3 degrees of adjustment.
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