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Camber kit for MS3 2012

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Hello everyone

I got my 2012 MazdaSpeed 3 aligned, and the results show camber values of -1.25 / -1.76 (front) and -2.14 / -2.46 (rear). While those values surprisingly (at least for me) are still inside the manufacturer's specified range, the old tires really showed and unusual wear

So, I was recommended to install some front & rear camber kits, but the guys at the alignment center were unable to find the parts...

Can anybody recommend a good brand and where to get them? "Good" meaning good quality at a fair price. I don't something cheap that will bring me issues in the future, but I'm not looking for "professional" or very fancy stuff. I put some new good summer tires (Michelin PSS) and I'd prefer them to survive as long as possible :)

Thanks !!
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