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OKAY!!! so i've had a fun few days..

Bought a Seicane S0480 for my 2014 mazda three andriod opt everything.

get it in the mail..plug and play.. get it in... everythings in check boom start the car... and nothing.

OKay.... so i trouble shoot every little fucking thing... and NOTHING. the switch makes a sound when you hit the power/mute.. so having the experience i have.. im like its not me.. i know it isnt..

So i take the screen off the head unit, open the box up to find the mother board short circuited.. wasnt from me either i would have smelt that nasty ass smell. So not even a day of having it and it doesnt turn on im FUMING email Seicane get barley a response accept to trouble shoot the shit i already have... and pictures of check this wiring diagram.. after telling them the china man who tested it shorted the whore out..

Long story shortt

ANY way at all does anyone know if i can get another mother board to fit inside this.. from an android based unit alike running the same wiring?? Cause seicane is really starting to piss me off..but i figured... same size head unit but the screen to the OEM crap radio they must be another way. Thoughts anyone??

ALSO does anyone know if the OEM infotainment will fit in the base models that come with out?
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