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Cabin Air Filters - After Market vs OEM from Dealership

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I just bought my car (2014 Mazda 3) and wanted to do some maintenance myself. The dealership changed my oil and suggested to get my cabin air filter done for $58.

I declined saying I would do it myself - even though I've never done it. Anyway, I went onto Amazon and found an after market cabin air filter for $9.97 from cleenaire 4561. It kind of shocked me to see it for so cheap.. I was expecting at least $20? But it is rated good.

Is there any downside from using an after-market filter rather than having a dealership put in an OEM one? It seems to be good quality but this is something I dont know much about

Thank you!
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For the cabin, def go with aftermarket. TheRe are different types depending if you want hepa type filter, charcoal, or just the basic.

You can also get the part number and shop online and usually always find it cheaper than what your deal is trying to charge you.
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