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This is my first post so hope I have placed in the right forum.

I have had a 2020 model Mazda 3 for about three months now, and have just tried to update the navigation SD card. I created the backup without issue using the tool. However to continue on past this I got a message saying that there was now insufficient space on my laptop to continue. As such I copied the backup (~14 Gb) to an external hard-drive and then wiped it from the laptop and tried again. However I'm still getting the message of insufficient storage on the laptop. As such I have two questions

1 - how much free space is needed on a laptop to run the update. The hard-drive is not that large but has 20Gb free at present

2 - is it possible to bypass the backup stage as I now have a backup (just not on the laptop). The update tool says it is advised to make a backup which implies it is optional but I can't seem to find a way past this step
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