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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on buying new wheels and tires -- especially package deals online. In a few days I'll post, in detail, the headache that I'm currently going through after purchasing a wheel/tire package online.

1. If the online seller offers Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancing, use it and require that they include the wheel/tire "run-out" specs from the GSP9700 with each wheel/tire. If they say they cannot do it, I would not buy the package deal and take my business elsewhere or buy tires/wheel separately and have them checked before mounting. Beware!!! if you have an issue, vibration/shimmy, once you install the wheels, the vendor will require you to do this.

2. Once you receive tires/wheels, do not mount on the vehicle, but take them to a local tire shop ( preferably one recommended by the online seller that has a Hunter GSP9700 Balancer) and have them checked for being true -- Make sure you keep your receipt and that the local shop provides wheel/tire Radial and Lateral "runout" values. Make sure to compare those values to the values provided by the online vendor. IT'S WELL WORTH THE MONEY, BELIEVE ME -- Especially if you have vibration/wheel shimmy issues after you install the new wheels/tires.

More to come....
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