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Hi folks,

I'm looking into buying a trailer hitch for my mazda3 from Torklift Central (since they offer a 2" receiver mount, which fits my bike rack): (torkliftcentral.com/2014-2017-mazda-3-hatchback-ecohitch)

The issue is that I have a 2013 Mazda3, while the hitch is designed for the new body style from 2014+, so I want to confirm fit before purchasing.

The hitch is attached to the vehicle by bolting onto the rear Bumper Reinforcement (utilizing the 4 bolts on each side).

I can tell from photos that the reinforcement is cosmetically different between the '13 and '14+ model years, however, I need to confirm whether the bolt patterns are identical, or if there are any changes.

Can anyone tell me whether the rear bumper reinforcement bolt patterns match between the '13 and '14+ model years?



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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