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At the suggestion of reed7742 I will construct a “How to” for a AC vent pod for the ’10 MS3. I must also state that my original build information was from sube on 24/7, therefore credit for the original build must go to sube, I am merely the scrib.

Vent Pod Construction
1. Purchase a new vent, part number BBM4-64-730C-02, from Mazda. Just in case you want to go back to the original or you screw up.
2. Purchase one (1) 1 ½” PVC coupler and then file it out to fit the gauge. I used a Dremel to make this go much quicker. And no, 2" pipe is too big for the vent.
3. Trim off 1/4" of the coupling
4. Paint, by this time you should have gotten use to painting plastic but just in case.
a. Clean
b. Sand
c. Prime (Fusion)
d. Paint
e. Let dry overnight
5. Remove the flap adjusters on the new vent pod
6. Plastic weld coupler to the grill inside the vent, when the plastic weld sets up remove the section of grill that is at the back of the coupler (sube directions). I actually did this a little different by clipping the grill, inserting the coupling and welding. Either way works just fine, my method allowed me to set the amount the gauge was recessed into the vent.
7. It takes a bit of time so go slow and it will work out. If you do it right you will still have a working vent.

Vent Pod Assembly
1. Assembly the gauge into the vent pod.
2. Remove existing vent. I like to use a plastic putty knife, slide this between the pod (silver ring) and the dash, work the knife around the perimeter and pull at the same time.
3. I found it easier to remove a portion of the dash which is below the vent to complete the remaining portion of the install. I have done this several times so it was not an issue, if you need help with this let me know and I will edit this post.
4. Now grow some and drill a hole (used a Dremel) in the vent tube so you can pass the wiring up to the gauge.
5. I also had to drill a hole behind the ODII connector as my gauge connects to the ODII.
6. Run the wiring up into the vent tube
7. Plug into the gauge
8. Push the assembly into the vent hole
9. Done

If there are any questions let me know and I will edit the procedure. Now for the disclaimer, if you screw up or I have left something out, it is not my problem. I am going off of memory and some old PMs but I have hit all the main points and the order in which I did the work.
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4. Now grow some and drill a hole (used a Dremel) in the vent so you can pass the wiring up to the gauge.
I lol'd at that part. Thanks a lot for the write up. Nicely done. I'm going to do this as soon as I find I gage that I want.

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i have a feeling you did it this way for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. either the gauge pods that fit the Gen1 speed 3 do not fit ours or 2. this is a hell of a lot cheaper?
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