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Brake Bleed Procedure Order

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I wanted to try and bleed my brakes for the first time. From many places on other cars its usually the furthest line from I guess either master cylinder (OR ABS I think) to furthest away wheel (usually rear left or right) and then go through all the other brakes until we get closer and closest to last wheel.

However I was looking at the service manual and it says in the Note "Bleed the air from the brake caliper that is the nearest to the master cylinder."

So has anyone bled brakes on this gen of car and or if you know the order from wheel to wheel that would be great.

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For all my cars, I start with the pass rear, driver rear, pass front and then the driver front. All have ABS
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Hi Junaid, I did the same as usual - pass rear, driver rear, then pass front and then driver front.
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