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Bluetooth Delay

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Hey guys,

Have any of you experienced about a 2-3 sec delay when you change a song or play videos using a phone/ipod device that is hooked up via bluetooth? Cause my 2011 M3 has that delay which I personally hate. Is there a way to fix this problem and ideas?

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I have the delay also. it's 2-3 seconds on calls I make also. the funny thing about us talking about this "delay" is that back in the day (10 years or more), we could never do this. everything is so fast nowadays that we have forgotten to be patient. technology can sometimes be a bad thing. just sayin
I wouldn't say the bose system sounds horrible. it sounds better than most stock speakers. I can't wait to get my sub in the car. been meaning to do that.
The delay shouldn't be accepted. Once I replaced my stereo, it disappeared.

Regarding the metadata, some apps send it so the Mazda can display it, while some can't. Not sure why that's the case, unfortunately.
the delay sucks. but, I'm learning to deal with it. there's nothing we can really do unless you get an aftermarket stereo.
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