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Bluetooth Delay

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Hey guys,

Have any of you experienced about a 2-3 sec delay when you change a song or play videos using a phone/ipod device that is hooked up via bluetooth? Cause my 2011 M3 has that delay which I personally hate. Is there a way to fix this problem and ideas?

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to deal with this with my 2012 M3. The Pioneer X6500BT unit I put in my old car was flawless (e.g., zero sync issues with videos and no delayed responsiveness with play/pause/etc.); I expect this to be the same, but it has an approximately 2.7 second delay. I just shot off emails to both Mazda and Johnson Controls (the maker of the BT module) to see what they say. Probably won't get anywhere (seems no one else has), but I'm either going to find a device for which the delay isn't present and figure out why, or give up on that and figure out how to wire in a new head unit while keeping the factory mic and upper LCD cluster intact and functional. If I don't get too frustrated and just give up on everything, I'll post an update when I have it.
So, to follow up on what I posted above, I emailed both the manufacturer of the BT module and Mazda's bluetooth helpline. As it turns out, they're the same entity. Also, they were of no help. I attempted to explain in simple terms what the problem was and offer a couple of examples (video/audio sync and a delay between hitting play on the device and hearing the response in the car). Their response was that audio and video aren't fully/officially supported. BS, I say (in nice terms), audio is audio, and the BT version in their car should play with no delay, so could they offer any more help or advice? I received no reply to that email. So I said screw it and just went ahead and installed my aftermarket unit and it works perfectly. All I need to do this weekend is take apart a bit of the dash and unplug the factory BT module because my phone's still trying to sync to it, which is annoying. I may either wire in the factory mic to the aftermarket head unit or route the aftermarket mic into the headliner, but that's a project for another time.
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The delay shouldn't be accepted. Once I replaced my stereo, it disappeared.

Regarding the metadata, some apps send it so the Mazda can display it, while some can't. Not sure why that's the case, unfortunately.
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