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Black unpainted skirts on liquid silver mazda 3 isport

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hey i was wondering if i bought black unpainted side skirts for my liquid silver mazda 3 isport, how would it look?
my windows are tinted black and in the isport edition there is black plastic on the bottom of the back bumper. can i pull it off or would it look bad?
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i dont know... prolly better off ordering them painted if avail and then plastidip black for protection/eye appeal, then if you dont like it...just peel it off. be more of a pain to install, then find out you dont like it, and remove to have painted then reinstall.
how much are they unpainted? it doesnt sound like a rediculous amount connsidering a body shop would would 150 to paint them, at least. when my car was a month old i caught it on a curb at gas station, during a crazy hail storm. dealer charged like 330 just for one and he said that was at his discount.
lol ^^^
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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