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Black Screen MZD

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today i wanted to install the v70. I pressed the Start-Stopp Button one time and successfully installed the failsafe package. After that i wanted to install the reinstall package but an error came up "Failed to validate package certificate". So i pressed the Start-Stopp Button another time so the ignition goes on and turned off the car. After that i tried to another time so pressed the Start-Stopp Button and the MZD comes up. Everything fine. I wanted to check the USB stick on computer if there is anything wrong. After that i tried another time. So i pressed the Start-Stopp Button one time and the Screen remains black.

Radio is still working and chaning the Volume works.

I've tried to reset the whole system over the settings menu. Nothing happens.
Also the soft reset (BACK + MUTE + NAV) changes nothing.

I've searched the forum for an solution and found out that there is way over SSH.
But without an tutorial.

Is there a way to safe my system or should the dealer do this thing?

Thanks for helping
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Hopefully someone can help me...my 2016 cx5 infotainment crashed, it kinda died via cold weather.. it just kept rebooting itself.... I found threads like this and bought the parts etc. I used ride & lives Modified file...and I can get the screen to the insert usb etc..etc. I found a few .up files...but that don't load..they verify and then reboot and try again and again. I have no clue what version I was at ...I just want my infotainment and back-up camera back. Anyone know what I could try?
Thanks, but if im at that screen, I should be able to get the OS to load right? Is there a go to firmware? Some of them don't even try to verify they just reboot. I feel so close.

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No, the infotainment started Boot looping randomly. It has never been modded previously.

I looked online and decided to try to "fix it"

I bought the ch416 programer thing and got it to this screen now.

Maybe I should try using this file?

System is searching for a compatible firmware to continue, do you know what firmware was running originally? and what version failsafe you have program? Put in the flash drive a bunch of firmwares versions, all you can fit on it and maybe it will recognize one of them. Try another flash drive. If you saved the original SIP ROM file PM it and I'll tell you what version you have running.
Is the SIP ROM the backup file? I did that not sure if it backed up properly. Will send to you thanks.

No idea what it was running in the past
I don't seem to have the ability to PM? Is it cause I'm too new to the forums?

I uploaded the file here if you can help @craz or anyone
Thanks everyone and super special thanks to @craz for taking the time to review my .bin file and send me a rescue version! After some trial and error I did the 0X0010000 edit to the rescue file and it accepted the 70.00.100 update!
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