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Hello all

I’ve been manically browsing the forums to find out what would be the best performing wheels for a 2015 Mazda 3.

I am fitting an active suspension (Tein Flex Z coil overs with EDFC Pro Active remote control/ auto adjustment) and the next step would be to upgrade my rims.

As I have been reading a lot, I understand that lighter wheels mean a faster car. And that the smaller the wheel, the lighter.

I also understand that a smaller tyre profile would make cornering better.

I don’t completely understand how the rim and tyre width would affect performance.

My initial favourites were:
Kosei K4R - I’m not sure why on tyrerack only give me the option of 16 inch!?

Enkei RPF1

I was therefore wondering what would be the sweet spot for performance in terms of the following:

1) Rim diameter - what would best suit the car 6 vs 6.5 vs 7 vs 7.5 vs 8 inch?
2) Rim width
3) Tyres

As I said before, I only care about maximum performance (speed, cornering, acceleration, manoeuvrability)?

I don’t care about the looks.

Thank you!

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