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Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to modifying cars so I have a lot of beginner noob questions. :p

Anyways I drive a 2018 Mazda 3 Touring with the stock 18" wheels. It has the stock 215/45/18 tires.

I want to buy a set of black Enkei TY-5 wheels from Tirerack that are 18x8 and +50 offset (so basically one inch wider than the stock 7 inch wheels). I was wondering if I would be able to reuse the stock tires or if I should buy a set of 225/40/18 or 225/45/18. I'm also planning to drop the car with the Eibach springs which are only a modest 1 inch drop simply to close the wheel gap.

I want to maintain a semi-stock look and am worried that the tire might look too stretched. Also I am pretty sure the 225's wouldn't rub after the drop, but I want to make sure from feedback from you guys.

Also if I reuse the stock 215 tires, can I also reuse the stock TPMS sensors as well?

Finally if anyone has any recommendations for tire shops in the San Diego area, let me know!

Much thanks in advance for all the help!
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