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There appears to be some Mazda owners with Mazda Connect using NNG SD Card for Navigation hearing a Beeping or a sound every few minutes through systems speakers.

Sound applies to Mazda's 3 (BP) , MX-30, Mazda CX-30, CX-50, CX-5, CX-9, not certain about new Euro CX-60.

AFAIK this intermittent Beep noise issue applies to other Mazda/NNG Markets in EU/UK/AU/NZ/ZA and Asia, South America, etc.

NNG, Mazda Japan, and Mazda in North America are aware of this issue and a countermeasure is in the pipeline to resolve it.

Seems an issue with NNG SD Card and its software, but also a Firmware update will also be needed for the cars Connect infotainment.

As this fix requires regulatory approval with many checks and balances it seems that the earliest updated release will be around summer time in North America.

Obviously IF your are NOT hearing any unusual intermittent Beep noise then you should not be concerned, also AFAIK you will see a Firmware update during about every 12 months and NNG Map updates via Mazda (NNG)Toolbox App.

I stress your Mazda will not fall apart and everything Navigation related will still work as intended. :)

As far as rest of the world as soon as Dealers hear anything I or others will let you know.

I suggest you do not flood your Dealer about this new news as many may not have heard of it yet particularly if they have not seen other Mazda owners experiencing this cause.
Your Infotainment will still work as normal.
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