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Hey guys and gals! Got a 2015 2.0L touring hatch in Meteor Gray back in September '14. Do love this color!

I do love the car, but wish I hadn't been so frugal at the time and bought the GT instead.

Anyway, been lurking on here for awhile trying to take in some of the mods and such.

Haven't done anything other than tinting the windows.

Really would like to get a set of wheels, but then there is this ruffling of rumors that possibly a Speed 3 may come for 2018. So, thought I would at least wait the summer out hen they release the '18s and see if it's true. Otherwise it's off to the mods and wheels.

I have seen some mention the throttle lag, and I have to say between that and the screen just sticking up out of the dash are my only real two complaints. Screen itself is fine; just wish it was better integrated into the dash as others have done.

As far as the throttle lag/ shift points go, I drove a CX3 when I took mine in for the first service. I noticed immediately that the throttle response was much nicer and downshifted much quicker then my car.

Anyways, love the car and love the look over the previous gen.

Also have a 2001 R1 that I take to the track from time to time for any bike guys out there.

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