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Hey all,

I'm finally back in the world of Teh InnerWebs. Long story short, I moved to a different location in my area, realized I can't stand living in the city, and returned to my home in the sticks (aka The Country Estate). I didn't set up Internet service because a local electrical co-op is installing fiber in much of the area. Well, four months of waiting and it came out I'm in a small pocket (of several) that will not get service for probably two years.

My previous ISP is a wireless broadband service with horrible customer service as well as lackluster data speeds. The old service's plan said I could get "up to 5MB/sec" with the plan I had. I was barely eeking out 3.5MB/sec. The new broadband ISP that set me up with service this week has me on a plan that says I can "get up to 6MB/sec" -- I'm getting over 35MB/sec at the router (the tech was getting 70MB/sec while standing on my roof).

I'm relearning all the places I used to visit, but believe me when I say that five months without Internet at home causes one to create a lot of new habits.

Also, this place is DIFFERENT.. WOW.
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