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Cleaning the battery posts is a good idea. It's not uncommon for dirty terminals to leak power. Personally, I wouldn't worry about losing memories by disconnecting the battery, although you will have to reset the clock and whatever else your car requires. It's generally not a big deal.

I have seen devices that allow a person to remove the battery without having to reset things. I believe they use a small battery. You might Google the topic if you're interested.

About the idea of using a battery charger: I would be very careful. I've never tried to do it, but I would be worried that the battery charger's output is not very "clean," and without a battery in the mix to smooth out the charger's production, the car's electric system could be harmed in some way.

If cleaning the battery terminal doesn't improve things, you might try measuring the parasitic draw of your car to see if there's an abnormality. I've been told that the acceptable parasitic current draw of a modern car should be around 0.03 Amps (30 milliamps), but it can be up to 0.075A or even 0.1A in some modern cars.

New cars today have a growing number of electronic devices that have memories that continue to draw energy even after the key is off. Such parasitic loads can run a battery down in a matter of weeks, if not days, if the car is not driven regularly or otherwise charged or, alternatively, the battery is not disconnected from the system.
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