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Barely one week and hit while parked

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I mean really? Just one week old is my 2017 and don't even have permanent plates yet. Parked at work today and got a call about 10am this morning from co-worker that someone hit my car. This is the life in the big city Manhattan. You cant have anything nice if you work in the big city. Its just not allowed. What a shame, I am bummed.

Someone sideswiped my front passenger side while my brandy new baby was sitting there parked not bothering anyone. Going to need front bumper and passenger side front fender. No one to take blame was around and even security footage in many places around my building was viewed but no coverage for the spot I parked in. I am so aggravated. Insurance claim, all kinds of inconvenience, probably premium hike, and not to mention my brand spanking new Mzad3 that I just waxed up all nice and spiffy now needs body and paint work. Just so very disheartening that some jerk hits me and takes off. I am so angry for scumbag people like this. What a freaking shame. Excuse the lingo but its just so darn unfair and ooooooooohhh!!!!!! ##&^%*&^##**!!! you know. I am pissed and upset.

I know there are worse things that could happen like Voodoos totaled car but still this is what I got and just not right. Not even broken in yet. Really? Just not right. Now Ill always know that's not my original bumper/fender/paint. And hopefully my premiums wont go up. I just switched insurance companies 3 weeks ago for cheaper rates and now this. But even besides that....just ooh man!! WTF.
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First, that sucks and I'm sorry. Very frustrating!

Secondly, holy crap. What's this? Like 3 members getting their rides messed up in less than 48 hours or something? Definitely a disturbing trend indeed. I'm gonna have to keep a sharp eye out...
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