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Barely one week and hit while parked

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I mean really? Just one week old is my 2017 and don't even have permanent plates yet. Parked at work today and got a call about 10am this morning from co-worker that someone hit my car. This is the life in the big city Manhattan. You cant have anything nice if you work in the big city. Its just not allowed. What a shame, I am bummed.

Someone sideswiped my front passenger side while my brandy new baby was sitting there parked not bothering anyone. Going to need front bumper and passenger side front fender. No one to take blame was around and even security footage in many places around my building was viewed but no coverage for the spot I parked in. I am so aggravated. Insurance claim, all kinds of inconvenience, probably premium hike, and not to mention my brand spanking new Mzad3 that I just waxed up all nice and spiffy now needs body and paint work. Just so very disheartening that some jerk hits me and takes off. I am so angry for scumbag people like this. What a freaking shame. Excuse the lingo but its just so darn unfair and ooooooooohhh!!!!!! ##&^%*&^##**!!! you know. I am pissed and upset.

I know there are worse things that could happen like Voodoos totaled car but still this is what I got and just not right. Not even broken in yet. Really? Just not right. Now Ill always know that's not my original bumper/fender/paint. And hopefully my premiums wont go up. I just switched insurance companies 3 weeks ago for cheaper rates and now this. But even besides that....just ooh man!! WTF.
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I here ya. Losing your classic must have tough. You almost feel violated when sh!t like this happens while you were not there. I know my situation could have been much worse. May sound crazy as heck but in some sick and strange way I almost wish my car was totaled instead because it would be trashed and a new one would follow but I will now (even if after great body work repair) always know my car is tainted. Fender and bumper never to be what I originally took out of the showroom. Always be driving knowing full well some sneaky scum bastard tainted my car. The more I talk about it, the more angry I get. I really hope something really bad happens to this person. I mean accidents happen (that's one thing) but when one sneaks away and doesn't take ownership they deserve something really bad happen to them. I mean its not even like no one was around. This was on a very busy city street and with a lot of pedestrians too. For one to leave the scene while people most probably seen this happen is just a total scumbag move. Hope the person has something very bad happen to them.
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Sorry for your misfortune. It can happen anywhere. I live in a very rural area and hit a deer on my way home from the dealer in my 2016, 2 months ago. Less than a hundred miles on the odometer. Then I had a few hiccups with my insurance but it all got worked out for the most part, I guess. I think there is something about new vehicles that attracts this sort of thing. I am 68 yrs young and only the second new car I have ever owned. The other was when I was in my 20's and I had a freak accident 3 months into ownership. Someday, hopefully we can laugh about it.
^ That is unreal bad luck exmc. I like your attitude though.

I had mentioned after the 2nd RIP that bad things come in "3's" and unfortunately it came to light. Sorry to hear this Shifty. Awful luck. I'm also driving around a brand new but tainted M3 and although I'm quite OCD and it does chap my arse, it's not so bad. Life goes on. Hope you can move on from this and nothing else happens. On insurance, you'd have to pay your non-insured motorists deductible (which sucks) but your premium shouldn't go up. Also, please look into your state laws about diminished value. Some states allow you to claim it from your own insurance.

I saw this post a couple months back which helped me with my misfortune:


Hope it doesn't look like that! In the end, it can be fixed.
thanks for the posts. I hear ya both. Im 52 (in two weeks) and so I been around and am well aware isn't fair sometimes , but what can ya do? You suck it up and move on right? Ive had other things happen to a new vehicle in the past too. A piece of wood hit my car on the highway while driving home from the showroom. It sucked for sure but the small dent was not scared and in a spot that wasn't real noticeable and so I just let it be. But this time requires considerable repairs. This is the first time in my life I actually bought a car I wanted vs buying just the most practical car I could. I mean I found a happy medium here with something very practical but also spent more on than I could have and sort of gave myself a small treat for something I really liked. I really been enjoying the car. Yes only a week but already 700 miles as I drive a lot so Ive become already very comfy with it and was feeling really settled in and really happy about it. So this situation is just extra bothersome to me right now. I will live and eventually deal with it.
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It doesn't surprise me one bit. I actually think that whenever I buy a brand new car, as soon as I drive it off the lot, it's like a magical sign appears above the car that says, Look all you jealous a-holes out there, I've just bought a brand new car. Quick everybody come and damage it for me, so that it can make you feel good about yourselves.
It seems to be just another one of the strange quirks of life.
hahaha....made me laugh and your so right. Before we leave the showroom we may as well throw a few handful of pebbles at it, roll a shopping cart into it, and park next to it with another vehicle to give it a couple door dings..lol..and oh yea just for xtra luck have a dog pee on the tire.

Its always those first few things that are the hardest to accept. Of course are nothing like having it smashed but yea your right and we may as well screw it up just enough and just a tad on purpose and get past the initial trauma in the first 3 minutes before we drive off the lot so this way it wont bother us much anymore afterwards..lol
and so here is the damage. Went to two body shops. Bumper can be painted but fender replaced. Fender would require replacing. Fender can be fixed via some putty to reshape but cost of fender is fairly cheap and less labor so the cost is very minimal. One shop says the car is so new so he would only replace the fender. Other shop said pretty mush the same. Then there is blending paint on all adjoining nearby areas for a best look. My insurance knows about this and have a claim (long story) and I can use the recommended shop in the insurance companies network. This would give me lifetime warrantee through my insurance.

I can use my own of course too. And even though the shops offer warrantee also its much nicer to have the insurance company warrantee. You never know if a shop goes out of business or doesn't want to cooperate should problems arise in the future.

Only issue I have with the shop that is in my insurance network is that I used that shop a number of years back and that same year had to have the job re-done again. So im not too happy about this whole thing and not sure which way to go. Its all just stress and aggravation I didn't need because of some jerk-off who screwed me. . What can ya do? It is what t is now. Here is the car.
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