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So I am rather particular about washing my Mazda3. I prefer the two bucket method with grit guards.

When I got my Mazda the first thing I invested in was a good wash kit, clay, polish, and wax. One thing I noticed is that the buckets from chemical guys are crazy expensive so I hit up my local Walmart only to find some 5-gallon bucket with lids but they were just a tad too narrow for the grit guards to make it to the bottom of the bucket and after a couple of months, the guards would split the bucket open from the stress they cause pushing on the walls of the bucket. :(

A few weeks back I thought to myself, "there has to be a way to source some affordable yet quality 5-gallon buckets that fit the grit guards." I found the perfect place! :laugh2: My local grocery store that has a bakery. :grin2:

They have plenty of buckets that are left over and even provided me lids. These are the buckets that they receive frosting in, and they are PERFECT! They are also heavy duty when compared to anything from Walmart, or even Home Depot. They gave me a few 5 gallons with lids, and the lids have a rubber seal and clip on securely, they also fit the grit guard perfectly at the bottom with a bit of wiggle room. They gave me a few smaller buckets and matching lids too, they are perfect for my wheel brush and solution for when I clean the wheels.

I got the buckets home and threw some dawn soap inside with some hot water and scrubbed them out. Since frosting is mainly fat and sugar the inside had an oily residue to it. After a good cleaning, they were like new and ready for use.

Overall I felt excited that I got some super high-quality buckets for free, and the fact I am recycling. The people at the bakery were more than happy to provide me the buckets because they said they get tossed out and they hope they are recycled.

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