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Automatic Transmission Malfunction

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Hi there! When I started the car this morning, a "Auto. Transmission Malfunction" warning was present on my screen. Tried restarting the vehicle, and all was good again. Tried driving the vehicle and everything seems fine. What could this issue be? Hoping that it's nothing serious and that someone can enlighten me! Many thanks
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Just searching for the same issue in a 2014 Mazda3. This has happened a few times already over the span over a few weeks.

It happens upon startup. I decided to check with the OBD reader while the message was still on the screen (not on the dash). The scan didn't show up any error codes. Once I turn off the engine, it goes away.

So in summary, the code only appears on the infotainment display not on the dash during start up. Since it's happening a few times there's something going on which leaves you with less confidence on the safety of the vehicle as once the AT icon shows on the dash, it's usually too late and damage is severe.

Has anyone had this error message show up and what did they do about it?
May be a fault caused by low voltage at a sensor during start up - how good's your battery.
The battery is brand new. In fact this and more started after the dealer replaced the battery in late October.
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