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Automatic Transmission Malfunction

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Hi there! When I started the car this morning, a "Auto. Transmission Malfunction" warning was present on my screen. Tried restarting the vehicle, and all was good again. Tried driving the vehicle and everything seems fine. What could this issue be? Hoping that it's nothing serious and that someone can enlighten me! Many thanks
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I would think a code would be stored if it's something serious.
The computer should have a malfunction code stored if it is something serious. You can read the code yourself with the proper device. Many auto supply stores will read the code for you at no charge. Or, if it's under warranty, bring it to the dealer and let them do it. A code would tell why the warning light flashed on unless it was just a transient fault with the warning light system and there was really nothing wrong afterall.
It sounds like the title of this thread should be "infotainment display malfunction," since it does not seem that the automatic transmission is actually malfunctioning and there is no code stored related to it.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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