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Hi there
I posted on doing this upgrade 3 years ago my posts are still around in this forum. The Mazda kit for the 2014 - 2016 cars is a relay which fits in the door together with the necessary wiring harness to fit it into the circuitry behind the driver side window switch panel. The very detailed IKEA like pictorial instructions are over 50 pages long with variations for all the different models LHD and RHD and need to be followed exactly.

This kit is for European cars which have powerfolding mirrors but which don't fold automatically

remove door cards - unplug the multiconnectors behind the window switch panel - withdraw 4 wires from the multiconnectors - insert new wires into the new connectors from the relay harness - insert previously withdrawn wires into the new connectors that are part of the relay harness - insert the new connectors into the old multiconnectors - add an extra new wire from the new harness into the door lock connector - that's all there is to it.

The difficulty comes in withdrawing the wires from the original multiconnectors - there is a real knack to this and a real danger of damaging them if not done properly. Practice on the wires and connectors that are part of the kit to ensure that you can do this step properly before attemting to do it on the car in the very confined limits of the door wiring.

If anyone is interested I can give a complete description of how to withdraw the wires from the connectors without damaging them.

Regarding the reliability
As I said I did this upgrade over three years ago and it has been 100% reliable. The mirrors have folded and unfolded every single time without fail even with 30cm of snow on top of them. I have been very happy with them

One oddity is that these mirrors fold when the car is locked - including with the automatic walk away locking (a very useful visual check that the car has self locked) but unlike other cars I have had they do not unfold when the car is unlocked, instead they unfold when the ignition is started. other than that they work fine
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