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Auto EXE intake suction kit INSTALLED

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share these pics of the installed Auto EXE on my 16 Mazda 6 GT.

I have been running an aFe Power Dry filter for a couple of months and have been happy. The addition of this dresses up the engine bay while ever so slightly improving responsiveness over 3k rpm.

Hope this helps those of you considering a short ram or some other type of intake...

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I was interested and liked the idea of just getting a smooth intake pipe to the airbox, since I also have the AEM dry flow filter

$10-$20 would be reasonable..but $150!?!?! NO SIR

Agreed, heres the one i got.

Intake Systems / Filters : TT-MPS MAZDA 2.0 SKYACTIV HIGH FLOW INTAKE PIPE Intake Systems / Filters
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