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I have an 08 Mazda 3 Grand Touring hatch with 210k miles. It has the AT Light on only - There is not a check engine light on so I can not check or find any codes. (Is there a way to check for tranny codes?). It is intermittant. Sometimes it will be on when I start the car, Other times it won't come on even during an hour drive. If it is on when I start the car, i can turn the car off for a minute and then when I restart the car the light will sometimes be gone. The transmission works okay other than being a little clunky into reverse and feeling odd when shifting sometimes when the light is on - otherwise it is just fine when the light is off. It does not stick in any gear. I purchased the car used and had no issues for the first 4 months, now this. I do not know when the transmission fluid or filter was changed last, but the fluid looks and smells fine.
I have not found much info on this because it seems as though most people have the check engine light on also - not just the "AT" light on. When both lights are on it seems it can be a lot of things but usually it is the TCM. Not sure if it could be the TCM since there is not a check engine light on. Also - it is a solid yellow AT light (not blinking) and it shifts through the gears as it should.
Can someone tell me what fixed their AT only light issue?
Please help..
Thank You in advance for your guidance, support and advice.
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