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Can someone tell me how Mazda Navigation Online Services (like traffic, weather etc) are "hooked" to the vehicle?

Is it VIN or SD CARDS number or any other way?

Why I'm asking? I have original SD card card which arrived with a car (8Gigs) let's call it Card A
So I purchased 'update' off eBay which is working just fine (Let's call it Card B) but I really want to have those online services - I simply find them useful.

Here is the problem - I've been told there will be a new update for those cheap SD Cards off ebay (it will be Card C) - that means I will stop using SD card I have right now (Card B) and will have a new one (C). The new card will be connected to my VIN as usual - but will my Services work with the new sd card? Or Services will be attached to card B? I'm not sure if should I pay £80 for 3 years when this will be hooked to the SD card, not to VIN
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